Sunday, May 24, 2009

the nest

When I went into my SIS Collage couture class on Friday, for some reason (I am assuming an admin error on SIS's end) the opening screen was open in the Claudine Hellmuth Home is where the art is class. So, obviously I read through the class notes and decided to make my own version of her little house wallhanging. I couldn't begin to make one like the one in the class as I don't have even half of the supplies - her paints, various types of mediums, embossing stuff, funky papers, etc. - so I used what I had on hand. The bottom center piece is a sample of Anthropologie wallpaper, one piece is a scrap of a watercolor painting I did. I painted a couple of other pieces (all on scrap watercolor paper - actually the backside of the cover of a pad of w/c paper. I decided to call it "the nest" rather than "the house" or something like that (her title) and I added some bird cutouts, a bird charm, some buttons, and a sticker. I went with soft greens, peaches, and yellows but they don't show up very well in this photo. I didn't have any eyelets or jump rings so I just punched holes in the corners and used some craft wire to make my own jump rings. You can't see it in the photo but I also made a hanger out of the wire also.
I then went into my collage couture class and watched the videos and read the lesson. I did lessons 1 and 2 on my big canvas, and after making this wallhanging, am really into the bird/nest idea so the basic ideas are spillling over onto my canvas. Can't wait to see the next lesson!

I have done very well this month with regard to not spending money. I have not bought any clothes or scrapbooking supplies or painting supplies. I did buy some fabric for my quilt ($25 for 2 1/2 yds) and I have not enrolled in any classes (just finishing up my w/c class). I plan to enroll in an intermediate w/c class in the fall - there is nothing available in the summer here. Vero is very much a retirement destination and our population doubles in the winter. I was lucky enough to win the collage couture class on NSD and also some great supplies from Angie Bracken also on NSD through SIS so I am very thankful and keeping busy. There are several books I would like to read (painting and sewing) so I have requested them from our library - hopefully they can get them. I have been reading quite a bit (rereading old Mary Stewart's and I read the new one by Laurie R. King and decided to go back and reread all of her books.)

Have a great holiday.

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deana said...

That wall-hanging is gorgeous.... ♥ the soft pastel patterns you used! :-)