Thursday, October 15, 2009

TAAFOMFT new challenge - join me at the beach

When Julie told us on the DT at TAAFMFT that the challenge for Oct 15 would be, what's your favorite season, I knew immediately what I would do: I love the beach here in south Florida in the fall and winter when it is pretty much deserted. I love to walk along the edge of the ocean and let the water tickle my toes as it ebbs and flows. I love the feel of the sand on my bare feet (the original pedicure) and the breeze as it ruffles my hair (granted my naturally curly hair is frizzing like mad but we will pretend that this is a movie and things like that never happen in movies). One day last fall I drove out to visit a friend who lives on the island and I stopped at a public beach park and took some photos. I loved the flipflops just left by the side of the path - so perfectly Florida!!!!!!
I have lived in 4 US states and several foreign countries in my life time but I have lived in Florida the longest - the summers are hellishly hot, humid, and endless but fall and winter are idyllic. Right now the area where I live is deep in recession - we have 15% unemployment and so many empty houses it blows my mind - we have several subdivisions that are completely empty except for a very few occupied houses (they look very spooky at night) . But I know things will turn around and hopefully some things in Florida will change - hopefully we will develop some industries here other than tourism and low-paying jobs, hopefully our schools will improve, and hopefully the divisions between the super wealthy out on the islands and the rest of the population on the mainland will not continue to separate so badly. Anyway, when I walk on the beach in the early morning, I feel hopeful - that anything is possible, that all things are possible. When I look out onto the ocean, I know that the whole world is out there (and I am speaking of every form of creature). We are all linked, and when I am at the beach, I am always reminded of the vastness of the universe, and yet how it and we are so very connected.
I did this layout last fall (just after I took the pix) for the Cathy Zielske graphic design class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. It was a good class for me as it forced me to make very simple and graphically correct layouts, but I have to admit they are not my style and although I have an entire scrapbook of 36 layouts, almost none have even been posted on the web.
When I saw this sign about the land crabs as I was leaving the beach park, I just had to snap it - it made me think of land sharks and well, the layout took like 10 minutes. If you click on the photo, you can read it much better.
SO..........come on over to and check out the winner of our time of day challenge - all of the entries were so great - it was really hard to pick a winner! And see the fabulous creations by all of the other DT members - I am so lucky to be a part of this incredible group of creative and fun women. You should read our emails - no, wait, better not!!! LOL!!!!!
Dan and I don't work today so we are going out for lunch - Yay! Tomorrow night Brian is driving over (mostly because he is attending a conference just north of here) and it will be super to see him. Then on Saturday night Dan and I are going to see and hear Chris Botti - Yay!!!!!!!! I hope to join in the A Million Memories online crop this weekend and also do some painting.
Have a great day and ttfn


Marit said...

Oooohhhh, you're looking forward to some nice days to come! Have fun Chris!!! And thanks for the words that could have been written by me (I'd say it in Dutch though...) we "real" beach girls like the beach and the sea mostly when it's deserted! I look at the waves and feel connected with YOU next time!

deana said...

Beautiful FAV SEASON LO, Chris! Makes me want to jump on a plane & head to the beach right now! Especially after reading your reason for picking that season!

Very sad to hear about the state of the economy in your area. Sounds like you & Dan are doing your best to help keep the economy going (wine dinners, concerts, etc)... so good for you!

I used to read Cathy's blog a couple years ago, but finally got to the point that I wanted LESS "old school" inspo & more creativity/new ways of scrapping. I've been at this for more than 10 years, so my style has changed quite a bit. I still tend toward clean lines, but am trying to break out of my shell! LOL!

Your weekend sounds GREAT! Can't wait to hear all about it! I'd ♥ to see Chris Botti some day! :-)

Hanneke said...

I love your Fave season!!! Such a great photo!! It's a sad thing to hear about all the state Florida is in at the moment!!!
Hope you have a great weekend, but with all the fun things that would be no problem I think!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

sooooooooo loveeee that lo chris!!!!! I love love love the sand dollars and the shells....and loving the story u tell with it :):):):):):):) And hehehehehehehehehe...that sign makes me giggle....we saw one in NJ once that said..."watch for muskrats!" and we were like...."WHAT????" we heard there was an accident a week later involving the demise of a muskrat and it shut down the bridge for over TWO hours!!! LOL!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)